Chiropractic Testimonials

When I went to Chaksa Lakes Chiropractic I was having weekly migraine headaches and a lot of stiffness in my back.  Now after completing my treatment plan I may have one headache per year.  Everyone there is so friendly, and they really care about my well-being.

- Michael C.

Before I went to see Dr. Brian I suffered from neck and lower back pain.  After going through a course of treatment I finally feel normal again.  Everyone is friendly and personable.  It's easy to get in when needed, and they offer discount packages! I look forward to getting adjusted and feeling normal again.

- Amanda M.

I developed lower back pain after working as a police officer for several years.  Since going to Chaska Lakes Chiropractic my pain has been dramatically reduced/eliminated, I can now work comfortably.  I received quality service and effective chiropractic care.

- Tyler S.

I have been a patient at Chaska Lakes Chiropractic for years.  After my son was born he was having difficulty turning his to one side.  Dr. Brian adjusted him and he regained full range of motion in his neck.  I really appreciate the relaxing environment and friendly people.  I would recommend Dr. Brian to everyone.

- Grace C.

I had a neck and back injury from an automobile accident when I went to see Dr. Brian.  After going through a course of treatment my pain is nearly gone, and I can live my life without pain medication.  I loved everyone's authentic concern for my well being, friendly/competent personnel, and convience in scheduling.  I'm so glad I chase Chaska Lakes Chiropractic!

- Mary D.

Dr. Brian is always so informative.  The office is inviting and the staff is always willing to help.  Overall health is their top concern, and they are great for the whole family.  I love going to see my chiropractor.

- Jennifer S.

At Chaska Lakes Chiropractic the whole staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  Dr. Brian knows exactly what I need and how to fix what ails me.  I used to have a lot of neck pain, lower back pain, and sciatica.  I have seen a dramatic decrease in all of my symptoms, and I have had no more sinus infections as well.

- Gina S.

I have always dealt with headaches, neck pain, and lower back pain as a result of working as a dental hygienist.  After my treatments with Dr. Brian I hardly ever have headaches or back pain.  They are friendly, professional, and I never have to wait.  They are genuinely concerned with my overall well-being.

- Cheralynn G.

I love Chaska Lakes Chiropractic!  The whole staff is friendly and professional.  Treatments were explained to me, and I now doing regular maintenance to keep my back in great shape.  My back pain is gone and I'm back to feeling great again.

- Barry J.

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